Clark and the Daymare by Houston Alexander Sims

It was a Friday afternoon at a high school. Clark, a junior, was walking on the way to his next class while listening to music. All of the sudden he heard a faint sound. It sounded like someone was yelling his name. He turned around and looked into the distance. It is his friend, Matt. He is also a junior and had the same Chemistry class as him, which was the upcoming class. Clark hears Matt yell at him to wait up for him. He caught up to him and Matt starts a conversation.

“What’s up?”

“Not much. Just tired. You know. The usual.”

“Same. But at least it’s Friday.”

“Yeah, thank God.”

“Oh, and no better way to end the week by having Chemistry class with Mr. Vogel!”

“Oh yeah! Just lovely! Just an amazing guy all around!”

Clark and Matt walk into the building and sit down at a desk in the lobby.

“What other classes did you have today?” Matt asked.

“English and History. You?”

“Spanish and Geometry. But I overslept and missed both classes. Who cares though. I ain’t even gonna use that in the real world. So it doesn’t even matter.”

“Great way to think about it.”

“Yeah well luckily for you, you already know what you’re going to do in life. I’m just coasting through junior year hoping my future finds me.”

“That reminds me.”

Clark pulls a folder out of his backpack and they are some drawings he has been working on for a student film.

“These are storyboards, set designs and costume stuff i’ve been drawing for a student film. Pretty dope right?”

“Damn. These are awesome. What’s the film about?”

“Oh, I cant say. He made me sign a contract to not talk about it.”

“Oh wow. God. You can draw anything.”

“Thanks but.. i’m actually not even supposed to be showing you this.”

Clark puts everything away. They walk to their classroom and sit down at their desk.

“Was there homework due today?” Clark asks.


“Did you do it?”

“Nope. Did you?”


“Eh. Whatever.”

All of the sudden, a beautiful girl starts walking towards the classroom. Clarks looks at her through the classroom window.

“There’s your girl man. When you gonna ask her out?” Matt says.

“Man, shut up.”

Clark thinks she is one of the beautiful girl in the world. She walks in.

“Hey guys. Just want to let y’all know that Mr. Vogel is on his way.” The Girl says.

Students start scrambling to get ready for class. Then all of the sudden, he walks into the classroom. It seems as if the classroom has had a dark fog enter the room. Vogel takes off his fedora and lays his briefcase onto the desk. He checks his watch. The room is silent and still. He starts to write on the board. All of the sudden, another student walks in.

“Hey Mr. Vogel. Sorry i’m late. I was…”

Vogel stops this student before he can finish talking.

“I don’t want to hear it. If you’re gonna show up late to my class it shows that you don’t want to be here. Get out.”

“But I was making up a…”

“Leave! Now. You can make up the work you’ll miss today in the two hours of detention you are going to serve this weekend. Now go.”

The student starts to leave the classroom and Vogel continues to write on the board.

“Everyone get out your lab books and do problems 56 through 87 on page 216. It’s due at the end of class for a quiz grade. Get to work.”

The students pull out their books and binders and start flipping through the pages. The beautiful Girl from earlier speaks.

“Um, Vogel. We haven’t learned this material yet.”

“You have a 90 class period. It’s in your book. I’m pretty sure that’s enough time to learn it.”

Vogel goes and sits down at his desk. Clark and Matt look at each other and shake their heads.

“I ain’t doing this garbage.” Matt says.

“Screw it.” Clarks replies.

Vogel snaps his fingers.

“Hey! No talking. Get to work. Now.”

Clark pulls out his binder. He looks across the room at The Girl and a lightbulb pops on in his head. He pulls a blank sheet of paper out of his binder. Clarks starts to draw her. He begins by drawing the outline of her face.  Time has passed. As he looks at her, she shoots her eyes up and looks at Clark. He pretends he was not looking at her in an extremely awkward way. He clears his throat and continues drawing. Vogel looks at him with a concerned look. As he continues drawing, he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“Hello, Clark.”

The class looks up quickly. An uncomfortable silence enters the room.

“What?” Clark replies nervously.

“I said hello. What are you doing?”


Clark takes a big gulp.


“Nothing? Why aren’t your working?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know. I’ll get to work.”

Clark is nervous. Vogel takes the drawing. Time has slowed down. Clarks heart is beating. These are the longest few seconds of Clark’s angsty life.

“My oh my.” Vogel exclaims and starts laughing.

Clark is super embarrassed.

“And why do you think it’s a good idea to draw this in my class?”

Clark’s mouth is dry and he is speechless and red.

“Um, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? How about I ask the girl you drew?”

Everyone is confused. Vogel starts walking towards The Girl and gives her the drawing. Her mouth drops and the class looks over at the drawing and starts laughing. Except for her. Clark is humiliated. He starts to pack up his backpack and then leaves the classroom. He is outside that academic building and starts walking away. All of the sudden, Clark hears his name. He looks back and it is The Girl. She runs up to him.